In Mondays post I asked Britain’s Brain Drain: Where Are They Going? Well, quite a few of them are coming here to Australia and one of the main reasons in general for moving abroad was quoted as “to earn more money“. The very same day I wrote that post there was a headline in the [...]


Current Rates Aussie yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys $35.74 of stuff. The UK yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys £13.64 of stuff. Click on the following link to see my original article on the hard yakka. As I mentioned in my article How Expensive is Australia last month, I realised I hadn’t [...]


It’s been a glorious weekend here in Brisbane, it really feels as though ‘winter’ is over now. I can’t help putting winter inside quotation marks; getting a bit nippy at night isn’t really what I would call winter at all. That said, this has been the ‘coldest’ ‘winter’ out of the five I’ve experienced so [...]