For the unfortunate towns of this state that were battered by Cyclone Marcia last week, every day since has been a cleanup day. For those people, come Sunday, March 1 when it is officially ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ I’m sure it will just be business as usual. But what is Clean Up Australia Day? Clean Up [...]


I’ve spoken about rubbish many times before on this blog. Today I’m going to talk about rubbish again. Well, not exactly rubbish, let’s just call it unwanted stuff. First, let’s remind ourselves of all the rubbish posts I have made so far: In May 2009 I wrote Talking Rubbish Later that same month I followed [...]

Dirty Harry

Concluding My Trilogy of Rubbish During my refurbishments stage I created several piles of rubbish. Ranging from pink curtains to metal curtain rails. Shower enclosures and broken mirrors. Fluorescent light fittings and discarding doors. Smashed up tiles and ripped out bathroom equipment. I was building up quite a pile. You already know how difficult it [...]