Rubbish Bins

palm fronds

Bring Out Your Dead! Fronds that is. My thanks, once again to the knower of all things, Wikipedia. Today I’m thanking them for this perfectly worded description of a frond. The term frond refers to a large, divided leaf. In both common usage and botanical nomenclature, the leaves of ferns are referred to as fronds [...]


I think I may have mentioned it elsewhere on this blog, but when some friends of my wife’s came to stay with us last year they commented that living where we live was “as close to paradise as you can get”. Yes, we think so too. But even in Paradise you need to put the [...]

ice cream

The other week when I was talking rubbish, I said at the time I would talk more rubbish on this blog. That’s what I want to do today. As you may recall, I explained the difficulty of getting rid of rubbish that did not fit easily into the supplied rubbish bins. I also mentioned elsewhere [...]


Putting out the rubbish here in Australia seems to have rather more of a ritual about it than it ever did in the UK. Back in England, as it undoubtedly is here, your refuse collection service will vary depending upon which local council serves you. So I can only talk about how it used to [...]