Rolf Harris


Rolf Harris versus Lenny Henry. As you know I have a category on this blog called Australia’s Bad Things. It contains stories about bad things in Australia, but also, strangely, some really good things. How can that be? Well, this category started its life with me talking about things that might kill you, for example, [...]


….”It IS who you think, but instead driven by……..” The more observant of you would have noticed something strange about Santa’s reindeer in yesterday’s post about Christmas house lights. For those of you who aren’t so observant, let me help you out. As you can no doubt see, the reindeer appear to be in the [...]


One of my readers in the UK has requested that I do a post about the bad stuff. He says I’m making Australia look like paradise and it’s making him depressed. He needs cheering up, but he’s read about….