Jamie Oliver is a cheeky chappy from the UK who is well known in many parts of the world. From what I can gather, he runs about five different restaurant chains the biggest of which appears to be “Jamie’s Italian”. He has something like 35 to 40 of these restaurants in the UK and a [...]

Eat street

Those of you who have read every page of my website and committed it all to memory will surely remember Containerval Festival: Art, Crafts and Containers in Brisbane. Elizabeth and I had a great time wheeling Mrs Bob around in a wheelchair; she had a broken leg at the time. We returned to the same [...]

Story Bridge

I wrote a post a few years ago, and you can read it by clicking the following link, about Mother’s Day in Australia. You see, Mother’s Day in Australia is on a different day than it is in the UK, so I wanted to check it out. I discovered that only Ireland and Nigeria share [...]


When you move to a different country, you expect to see different things, different cultures and a different way of life. That’s why you moved, so things would be different. But sometimes you see something different in the new country which you very quickly take for granted, so much so that you think it’s always [...]

Restaurant Week

It is worth pointing out that here in Australia everything is a little spaced out. And I’m not talking about “Alice in Wonderland” space out, I mean the distances between places. I was reminded of this on Saturday when we decided to nip down to Broadbeach for a bite to eat and a stroll around. [...]