… whatever you’re called, we will miss you. An old ritual comes to an end this month. The state of Queensland have decided to scrap rego stickers for cars, beginning first of October this year. My ‘Road Fund Licence (RFL)’, ‘car tax’, ‘rego’, whatever you want to call it, ran out on 1 September this [...]


When I first arrived in Australia back in November 2007 and bought my first car, I had to pay, like anyone else, for rego, or car registration. This is the thing that we Brits would call car tax, but Australian rego was slightly different. I thought it was quite “quaint”, as in attractively unusual rather [...]


I recently mentioned the Australians’ penchant for shortening words and ending them with “o”. You probably think this is laziness and slang. Here are some more examples in a short story. Perhaps you and a relo (relative) decide to go to the bottle-o (liquor shop, off license). But when you get there you realise you [...]