We are now in the middle of spring here in Australia, but right now in Brisbane it very much feels like summer. Temperatures this month have mostly been between 25° and 30°C each day. A quick look at a weather website confirms that the highest temperature so far this month in Brisbane has been 32.2°C [...]


This post isn’t really suited to my UK readership, it’s just not the kind of thing you’d be interesting right now. There are lots of really interesting posts and pages on this website for you to read, I just don’t think this is one of them. Do call back on Friday though, I’ll have something [...]


On Monday I was moaning because I didn’t really have the time to get over to see the Redcliffe Festival. Well, guess who went to Redcliffe yesterday? And…. Swam in the lagoon…… Had fun on the beach….. Played in the sand…. Climbed on the humongous tree… That’s right! Elizabeth with her mummy and some friends. [...]


Comedian Billy Connolly describes the stonefish as looking kind of cute, a bit like the drummer out of The Muppets. He says that whilst telling a four minute long joke called “the worst pain known to man”. And apparently, being stung by a stonefish is just that. So, best avoided. Anyone who read my post [...]