Red Imported Fire Ant


Continuing my catch up of articles that have appeared in Australia and New Zealand magazine, here is a digital version of the story that appeared in the January 2014 edition. I’m okay, I’ve got the magazine, so whilst I read mine from here… …you can read it for free here… Unwelcome immigrants It was some [...]

anthill art

Also Known As: How to Kill an Ant Part Two Today I have an absolute corker of a YouTube for my Friday video slot. This is an amazing clip, I first saw it just before Christmas, December 21 to be precise, it had only been online about a month. Today, when I returned to post [...]


This is strange, isn’t it? Regular readers will know just how much I love Australia’s wildlife, even those snakes, spiders, crocs and sharks that strike fear into many potential Australian migrants. So now I’m going to talk about killing an ant? Some critters certainly don’t deserve to live, very high on my list of those [...]

Fire Ants

I first wrote about the fire ant in May 2009. In that article, called tiny itsy-bitsy small Australian bad thing, I said “Fortunately, the Red Imported Fire Ant has pretty much been eradicated or controlled.” Wrong! Anybody who lives in South or North America will know these nasty little nippers are not that easy to [...]


When I spoke last week about very small Australian bad things, I mentioned that there was one tiny itsy-bitsy small Australian bad thing of which we have plenty, with some of them known to kill. I was referring to ants. Here, in just the Brisbane area alone, we have Jumper Ants, Giant Bull Ants, Greenhead [...]