The ink has hardly gone dry on my series about the Brisbane floods which, if you recall, had their roots in the relatively weak Tropical Cyclone Tasha which made landfall on Christmas Day between Cairns and Innisfail. From that moment on, the heavy rainfalls that Tasha had bought with her seemed to slowly move from [...]

At Last. A Hot and Sunny Day in Australia. thumbnail

But before that….. What year is it? Hold on, I’ll have a look. Ah, yes, it’s about 42 years past the moon landing. Almost half a century since man first set foot on the moon. Yet, as we hurtle with frightening speed towards an event known as “the singularity” wherein computers become as powerful and [...]


As they say, “When it rains, it pours”. I have no intention of turning this blog into The Weather Channel, (as I said last winter) but over this last week or so the talk here has been all about the weather. I’ve already mentioned the towns that have been flooded in south-west Queensland, but following [...]

Here, in Brisbane, at around 6 p.m. on Monday evening of this week it started to rain. I can honestly say that for the first time in my entire life rainfall felt really good. It gave me a deep sense of joy. Rainfall has given me joy before, but in a most opposite way. Back [...]


What are the odds on that? Last week, you may recall, I smashed my video camera and I smashed my elbow during the heavy rainfall . Well, the elbow was bad and so was the camera. The camera repair shop telephoned me today to confirm that it has indeed taken its last movie. So this [...]