Cost Of Living in Australia: Electricity Revisited Every year here in Australia electricity prices rise in every state (except Victoria, I’ll come to that later) by a percentage which is agreed by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). Here in Queensland, the agreed percentage increase for the year 2010/11 was 13.29%; it struck me [...]


Apparently, there’s too much wine. I said to Mrs BobinOz, “Apparently there’s too much wine” and she said “That’s ridiculous! How can you have too much wine?” Precisely. So what’s the story? Apparently, we have too many vineyards, have produced way too many grapes, resulting in far too much wine which is outstripping demand. Australia [...]

Cyclone Ului

But is there a sting in the tail? I did say back in January that we were heading into cyclone season here in Australia. It was predicted then that we may have three or four serious tropical cyclones here in Queensland with a significant danger that one or more may cross over to the mainland, [...]


Last week I did the best I could to explain humidity and I also showed you where humidity goes when it gets a full. I appreciate I may not be using the correct meteorological terms here, but the end result is the same. Stage one: become hot and sweaty. Stage two: buckets of rain. If [...]

“It” has only been mentioned three times in the entire archives of BobinOz. Sami mentioned “it” in her guest post; on that occasion “it” surfaced over at Mooloolaba Beach, but of course I didn’t see it. “It” also gets mentioned twice more, firstly when I talked about the heavy storms we suffered in May earlier [...]


If you read my post from about a month ago, when I was attempting to video record the torrential rain we were having here in Brisbane, Queensland, you will know that I had a very bad day. Because that was the day I smashed my £600 camera. I said at the time, that if I [...]

Australian Beaches in Winter

In Friday’s post I informed you that I was not here, I was in Maroochydore. That information was incorrect. A Very Public Apology. This blog makes every effort to be factually correct at all times but on this occasion, it is with great regret that I have to inform you that……. my wife made a [...]

You will probably remember from last week’s post that I was spoiled for choice for things to do this weekend, what with Queensland celebrating its’ 150th birthday. After taking a long hard look at all the events that were available, it came down to a straight choice. A battle between the Exhibition Exploring Greek Embroidery [...]