What cost of living crisis? I was going to tell you about pokies today, but something else has cropped up. In a change of plan, pokies will be next week, today it’s pollies, or politicians. You’ll see why in a minute. So what happened? As you all know, I have an entire category about the [...]


As you know, the articles that I write for Australia and New Zealand magazine are posted here one month after they have appeared in print. But when I actually write for the magazine, I’m usually writing about a couple months ahead of when that magazine comes out. So to clarify that further, I’ve just written [...]


As you know, this weekend we (that’s the BobinOz’s and the BeninOz’s) took the opportunity to go camping for the first time since April last year. On that occasion we went to North Stradbroke Island and had a fantastic weekend. I think I wrote three or four posts about that one, if you haven’t read [...]


It’s been an exciting weekend here in Queensland with lots going on. Firstly, the moon was bigger and closer to Earth than it’s been for 18 years. What a glorious view………. Well, it would have been had it not been cloudy. Here, in Brisbane, we couldn’t see a thing. No sign of the moon whatsoever. [...]


This blog is about what it’s really like to live in Australia. But what it’s really like to live in Australia isn’t like what it’s really like to live in Australia right now. What it’s like to live in Australia right now is completely different to what it’s normally like to live in Australia. This [...]


As you know, and as the world now probably knows, on Monday the Queensland flood crisis took a sinister turn as what has been called a wall of water and described as an inland tsunami swept through the Lockyer Valley, an area just an hour or so drive west of Brisbane. At least 10 lives [...]


As you probably know I live in Queensland. But at the moment I consider myself a very lucky Queenslander, others in the state aren’t having such a great New Year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or partying so hard your eyeballs have become inverted, you’ll be aware of the devastating floods that have [...]

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For today’s post I was going to tell you about all the Christmas activities that are scheduled to take place here in Brisbane. And there are plenty of them! They’ve already started. On Friday we went to Brookfield for the evening, the Bush Christmas event took place at the Showgrounds. No need for me to [...]