About four months ago I asked the question Has It Ever Snowed in Brisbane? The answer was no. But what about Queensland? Has it ever snowed in Queensland? About 217 kilometres north-west of Brisbane is a town called Stanthorpe. This morning they recorded a minimum temperature of 3.5° C there, and, along with that say [...]


When indeed! On the 13th June, 2011, we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday here in Australia by having the day off. You can read about that in my post called It’s Great to Be a Queen. In 2010 it was June 14, as you will know from my post called Another Queensland Bank Holiday Monday! And [...]


If I recall correctly, back in the UK elections were always held on Thursday. Here, in Queensland, we went to the polls on Saturday to decide who will govern this state for the next term. So, on Saturday BobinOz proudly cast his first ever Australian vote….. But who did I vote for? And did I [...]

If it doesn’t rain by tomorrow morning, and it’s your not looking like it’s going to, Brisbane will have recorded its driest start to November on record. The record it will beat is 18 days without rain in November of 1915. Apparently it was also quite dry back in 1842, but as Weather Channel meteorologist [...]

It would be wrong of me to write articles such as Australian Snakes and Death: Continued, if I wasn’t also prepared to write about snakes when a fatality occurs. I have always defended snakes and played down the dangers they present to the residents of Australia. With good reason too; anyone who has read that [...]

James Bond Island

Ok, enough of this BobinThailand stuff; I’m back in Oz now. Time to start talking about life in Australia again. But before I do, it would be rude of me to not at least mention that we all had a fantastic time in Phuket. I clearly had some concerns about the weather before I left, [...]


It was a long time ago, over 2 1/2 years in fact, when I last spoke about parking in Australia. If you live in a town or area where finding a parking space where YOU want to park is difficult, you might like to go back and read that post. In it, I explain a [...]


Australia don’t do civil wars, instead they have this: State of Origin. I’ve talked about State of Origin on a couple of occasions before. I saw my first State of Origin match in June 2009 and wrote about it in my post it’s all happening in Queensland. So if you’re not sure what it is, [...]