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It’s time for another reprint of an article I’ve written for Australia and New Zealand magazine. If my magazine articles had subtitles, like some TV sitcoms, this one would be called ‘The one where Bob admits he got it wrong for 8 years‘. Read on and you will see what I mean. This one appeared [...]


It’s been a glorious day here today in Brisbane, 23°C (that’s around 73°F) and very sunny with clear blue skies. Not bad for winter. Certainly much better than it was a couple of years ago as you will see from the weather radar from back then. This though is how we prefer our bank holidays. [...]


We’ve got a day off today for the Queen’s Birthday. Have you? But, of course, it’s not HRH’s big day today. Last year I did a post about the Queen’s Birthday and I asked the question… ‘I’m not sure how old she is today, or even if today is her actual birthday. After all, nobody [...]