Birdsville Hotel

Would you believe it? The Australians thrashed the Netherlands in the World Cup final 6-1 after going 1-0 down. Of course, it wasn’t the football or ‘soccer’ World Cup, it was the Hockey World Cup. No matter, it’s still a fantastic result for the ‘Kookaburras’ as Australia’s hockey team is called. They cruised to yesterday’s final [...]

Pubs in Australia: Traditional vs Modern thumbnail

I’ve written quite a few posts about pubs in Australia, as well as posts about the cost of beers, wines, and I’ve also talked about beer measures. In a post called Sunday Lunch in an Australian Pub from February 2009, I ran through the numbers and the bottom line was that there are way more [...]


As you know, Mrs BobinOz and my daughter Elizabeth are currently on holiday and I chose not to go with them, because I really did not want to return to England. I’ve missed them these past two weeks, of course I have, and I’m really looking forward to when they get back on Wednesday. This [...]


“Now, nobody likes a good beer more than I do…” – Monty Python, circa 1971. Okay, that’s a misquote, it should be “a good laugh”. In the famous comedy sketch, the stiff lipped sergeant major was trying to claim he enjoyed a good laugh, when he didn’t really. Me, I claim to enjoy a good [...]


I’ve written about things I miss about the UK before. It wasn’t a very long post, because there aren’t too many things that I do miss. In fact, at the time, there were only two. You can read about them in my post called What Do I Miss About England? But if you don’t want [...]


I’m quite shocked that it’s taken me this long to write about Australia and gambling. From my very first holiday here in Australia, I remember seeing a sign and saying… “What on earth does that mean?” Image Courtesy of  lozzc Having searched Google images for the above picture, I can tell you that elsewhere around [...]

caxton street

Those of you who subscribe to my sometimes weekly, sometimes fortnightly depending on what’s happening newsletter will already know that on Friday Mrs BobinOz and I went out for the evening. Our little girl was having another sleepover and we weren’t going to waste the opportunity. On previous nights and out we’d been to the [...]


Yes, it was a busy weekend. Education. We continue to be impressed with the standard of education over at our local school. Elizabeth’s reading skills are coming along just great; she now reads her bedtime story to us! On Friday she was promoted to “red books” which are for grade 2, although she is only [...]