Public Holiday

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It’s time for another reprint of an article I’ve written for Australia and New Zealand magazine. If my magazine articles had subtitles, like some TV sitcoms, this one would be called ‘The one where Bob admits he got it wrong for 8 years‘. Read on and you will see what I mean. This one appeared [...]

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Most of Australia, but not the entire country, have enjoyed a relaxing Monday doing not very much work at all. The exception is Western Australia, but then they will do not very much work at all for the same reason on the 28th September this year. Why? Because…


Yes, it was seven years ago exactly to the day when me, Mrs Bob and a tiny Elizabeth stepped off the plane to set foot on Brisbane soil and called this city our home. To mark the occasion the Queensland Government has declared today a public holiday for all the residents of Brisbane, which is [...]


What is a Show Day holiday? Good question. Well, today, here in Brisbane, it’s been “People’s Day”. I won’t tell you what People’s Day is because, you won’t be surprised to hear, we had People’s Day last year and I explained it all in my post called People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need [...]


Just for today though. You see, yesterday, Sunday, was Anzac Day. Today, Monday, is Anzac Day Public Holiday. In a nutshell, it’s the Australia and New Zealand equivalent of Remembrance Sunday. But if you want a slightly better explanation, you can read last years post about Anzac Day here. I’ll be back tomorrow.