Private schools


Time for another reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles. As mentioned in it, I’ve already written about state health services in Australia. In an article called Health Insurance in Australia and Going to Hospital, I looked at the difference between private and state health care. I then thought it would be [...]


In January 2009 Elizabeth started junior school here in Australia. Here’s what that looked like… In January of this year Elizabeth started high school as a Grade 7 student age 11. This is what she now looks like as she walks home from school… How time flies. She hasn’t actually walked all the way home [...]


Elizabeth, my young daughter, breaks up from school at the end of the week for the winter break. Elizabeth has had three full years at school now, although the first one was her “prep” year, which is voluntary. So she has completed year two and is now halfway through year three. And what starts in [...]