Praying Mantis


Jungle Law on My Window Pane In a slight departure from the norm here on BobinOz, today’s post covers bodily excretions, sex, mutilation, death and bad language. So, let’s get started! I want to share something with you about the smallest room in our house. Yes, I want to talk about my toilet. At night, [...]


Today, fewer words – more pictures. It’s Australia’s Bad Things time. I have had some cute things in the past that have turned out to be not so cute. In fact, bordering on bad. But I can’t think there can be anything bad about this little beauty. My son pointed this one out to me, [...]


I’m not sure if people, generally speaking, can instantly tell you what their favourite insect is. If you look closely at all of the possible contenders, I think that the only winner that makes any logical sense would be the bee. I am sure there isn’t another insect on the planet that works so hard [...]