You may remember that there was no post on Monday of this week. It was a national holiday here in Australia; 25 April is Anzac Day. Well, guess what? There will be no post next Monday either, it’s another holiday. This time, it’s Labour Day here in Queensland and Northern Territory. All the other states [...]


Today is actually a holiday in my area of Brisbane, it’s known as Peoples Day. It’s so that everybody can go to the EKKA and if you don’t know what that is, then this is for you: People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need to Know About the EKKA For me it means a [...]

To round up what now can probably be regarded as Moreton Island week, I’ve made a video about my close (and sometimes not so close) encounters with the wildlife on Moreton Island. Now, I know some of you don’t watch the videos, fair enough. Sometimes we’re just too busy, sometimes we don’t have the time. [...]


Time for another reprint of one of my recent articles for Australia and New Zealand magazine. With impeccable timing, given the cockroach and snake posts of last week, today I’m going to be talking about Australia’s ‘other’ wildlife; the nice stuff. With articles like this, I have an advantage over the magazine, even if I [...]

what is it?

I mentioned earlier in the week about my acclimatisation to Australia in terms of getting used to the creepy crawlies. I said that I felt we had reached stage four in the process simply by going camping. “Camping in Australia? Are you nuts! There’ll be snakes and spiders and bugs everywhere, what are you, some [...]

Remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y33g6689xIA With extraordinary timing, a reader has posted a comment on a previous post. Why is the timing significant? First we need to go back in time about five or six months …….. I am sitting in my living area, or lounge as I used to call it, it is a late at [...]