Last Friday I talked about the particularly nasty venomous eight legged critters that cause a good deal of anxiety to many people. The post was called Venomous Spiders for Pain Relief. Today I’m talking about a different venomous creature, one of the very few mammals in the world that are. The platypus It was nearly [...]


As you probably know, last week I went to David Fleays Wildlife Park, and if you didn’t know that, maybe you’d like to read my post called A Kangaroo? In a Tree? Anyway, Mr Fleay himself was most famous for being the first man to successfully breed a platypus in captivity. Others had tried, David [...]


After yesterdays first post about snakes, I thought I would follow up with a post that reminds you again of the diversity of Australian wildlife and the beauty it can offer. “Daddy, what’s a monotreme?” It’s always a little embarrassing when one of your children asks you a question which you cannot answer. I doubt [...]