We know Australians love their pies, we’ve talked about this before in my post Who Ate All the Pies? When you go to a baker’s here, you don’t so much see chilled cabinets jampacked with ready-made sandwiches, instead they have hot shelves stuffed with sausage rolls and pies. Just one pie left in this baker’s… [...]


Well, not everything, but a bit. According to Lonely Planet, the top 10 countries in the world for food are: Thailand Greece China France Spain Mexico Italy India Japan Indonesia and Malaysia So, as much a paradise Australia might be, is not the place to come if you are a foodie. History of Australian food [...]


Television news in Australia can be a strange affair. Sometimes not much is going on, as was almost certainly the case when I reported about the great “muffin scare” in my post Good Evening. Here is the News. Things were also very quiet when I wrote my post called Here Is a Roundup of the [...]