Here in Australia, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Now I know it wasn’t Mother’s Day in the UK, but I can assure you it was Mother’s Day in most other places around the world. But then you probably know that from reading my post about Mother’s Day from a couple of years ago. So Mrs BobinOz [...]


I have a post on this blog from July 20, 2009 called Australia – The Great Outdoors. It’s about just one weekend in winter last year involving a party on the Saturday, outdoors and including barbeque of course. And then on Sunday, a picnic combined with a stroll along the river. Well, now I have [...]

Brisbane River

It’s been another glorious Australian weekend. It is difficult to describe how much of an impact moving to Australia can really have on your lifestyle. But I will try. This weekend is a great example. Please bear in mind as you read this that we are now in the depths of winter. The weekend got [...]

mt nebo

As the UK enters spring, we have just begun autumn. The 90°F heat of today, if our usual weather patterns prevail, will gradually fall down to a steady 75°F (24°c) by the end of May. Then it will be winter. Brisbane’s autumns are just fantastic.