There’s a bit of a hullabaloo going on here in Australia at the moment about tax on petrol which is due to rise on November 10th. When that date arrives I will have lived here in Australia for seven years, barring for just four days. In all that time, I’ve never heard any mention of [...]


I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog about life in Australia for well over three years and I’ve (almost) never mentioned Centrelink. It’s a name anyone moving to Australia should know about and we had to talk to them ourselves within about one month of our arrival in Australia. Why? Mrs BobinOz took a [...]

Petrol Prices Australia

Today sees the launch of a new category on BobinOz. It’s called the Cost of Living in Australia. It strikes me that anybody interested in coming to live in Australia permanently, would be very interested in knowing how much it costs to live here. Call it a hunch. If you are looking for a short [...]