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Time for another reprint of an article I wrote for Australia and New Zealand magazine; this one appeared in their January edition. It was a particularly cold January in the UK with snow, ice, freezing fog and at one point temperatures as low as -12° C. Even daytime temperatures struggled to get above freezing. So, [...]


On Wednesday I posted my “real-time” video footage of what happened when a snake came into my house. On Friday I followed that up with more information about the snake along with some video analysis on the snake intruder. Well, it seems that since then, one or two of you are having second thoughts about [...]


I have a post on this blog from July 20, 2009 called Australia – The Great Outdoors. It’s about just one weekend in winter last year involving a party on the Saturday, outdoors and including barbeque of course. And then on Sunday, a picnic combined with a stroll along the river. Well, now I have [...]