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Regular readers will probably remember that back in the day, I used to reprint articles I’d written for Australia and New Zealand magazine, here on my website, about once a month. Well, that was because I used to write an article for them once a month and I’d put them on my website after they [...]


On Sunday we went to the Bulimba Festival 2013. Hold on a minute Bob! Whoa!! Only the other week you went to Sandgate and the Einbunpin Festival. Before that, you went to the Winter Lights Festival, Racecourse Road, Ascot and it was less than three months ago you wrote about Brisbane Festivals and Shows: A [...]


How to watch 16 innovative and exciting new films in less time than it takes to watch Waterworld, or….. What did I do last Sunday? Last year I watched it on television. This year I decided to go. I had a choice of venues; Sydney – 926 km, Melbourne – 1,691 km, Canberra, 1,204 km, [...]