A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Call That a Lizard? This Is a Lizard! It was about the goanna which is, indeed, a very large lizard. Australia has around 25 of the world’s species of these kind of lizards which are also known as monitors. The biggest of these monitors, the [...]


I have been to the outback, but only for a holiday. I flew out to Alice Springs, spent a few days there, and then drove the 400 or so kilometres to Uluru before flying back from there direct into Brisbane. It was great fun and we saw some awesome sights… … but within seven days [...]


Here in South East Queensland (SEQ), that’s the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas, it’s hard to believe that more than two thirds of our state has been drought declared for a while. The weather has been hot and dry for most of the time, yes, but we have still had a bit of [...]


We have a lot of strange and unusual creatures in the Australian outback, and I’ve written about quite a few. We’ve got… Camels Water Buffalo Dingoes Brumby’s So, what else have we got out there? Feral pigs! Dingoes aside, if you’ve read my articles mentioned above and the ones about rabbits, cane toads and fire [...]