We interrupt this road trip for a flashback to a previous road trip. Yes, it’s time for another reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles. With added pictures. Well, we don’t have to fit it all onto one page of a magazine. This article appeared in the magazines May edition this [...]

Nimbin: The Most Unusual Small Town in All of Australia thumbnail

Once upon a time, back in the 60s, there was a dairy farm in an area known as the ‘Rainbow Region’, which is in part of The Great Dividing Range. This is a different part of The Great Dividing Range… The dairy was struggling to make ends meet, there was a recession going on at [...]


Ninja definition: a covert agent skilled in ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art characterized by stealthy movement. Ninja-break definition: a very short weekend break, where we leave at about midday on Saturday after my daughter has finished playing netball, travel somewhere about an hour to 3 hours away, stay the night in Airbnb accommodation and have [...]


On Monday I presented you with some photographs of our long weekend in northern New South Wales. As you will have seen from those pictures, we spent a lot of our time on the local beaches of which there were many. Mrs Bob and I are not really beachy people, but our 10-year-old daughter Elizabeth [...]


Here in South East Queensland (SEQ), that’s the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas, it’s hard to believe that more than two thirds of our state has been drought declared for a while. The weather has been hot and dry for most of the time, yes, but we have still had a bit of [...]


Very little rain in the last month or two, temperatures of 30°C or more and wind. Together they are the three ingredients for bushfires as I explained in my post Fire Safety in Australia: Prepare, stay and defend or go early. Sadly I have to return to this subject again, it’s been a particularly tough [...]


I suppose you could say we are now entering the “relegation places” in my series about Australia’s most liveable cities. Only 11 cities were included in this survey and today’s city came eighth, so it’s certainly at the lower end. It’s known by some as the gateway to the south; I’m not sure I agree [...]

3 sisters

On Monday my post was about how we lived in one of Sydney’s multi-millionaire suburbs for all of 2 days, and on Wednesday I explained how Mrs Bobinoz and Elizabeth took care of some dogs in Australian quarantine for the day. Today, being Friday, I have a video for you as I conclude ‘Sydney Week’. [...]