Do we get earthquakes in Australia? That’s a question I answered some time ago in a post called Australia and Earthquakes. Surely Not. In that article I talked about some of the top 10 most powerful earthquakes we’ve had in this country and also Australia’s worst earthquake in terms of fatalities and damage. That was [...]


I think we know the drill by now, each Friday I am showcasing an Australian city based on the most recent poll by the Property Council of Australia looking at Australia’s best liveable cities. Newcastle, as the title suggests, came fourth; a good showing for the city, this was the first year it has been [...]


It was over two years ago that I wrote my post And the Best City in Australia to Live in Is.. and anyone who did read that article will know the result at that time was Adelaide. This particular poll, which was released March this year, was conducted on behalf of the Property Council of [...]