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Australia don’t do civil wars, instead they have this: State of Origin. I’ve talked about State of Origin on a couple of occasions before. I saw my first State of Origin match in June 2009 and wrote about it in my post it’s all happening in Queensland. So if you’re not sure what it is, [...]

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I have mentioned the State of Origin before on a couple of occasions and I did talk a little bit about its background in my post from last year when I watched my first ever game between the Cane Toads and the Cockroaches. Well, that’s the derogatory nicknames for the teams; let me remind you [...]

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As you may recall from last week, we decided to escape to the beach for a while just so we could get away from the whirling swirling wind tunnel known as our bedrooms. Where we live in Brisbane may not be on the beach, but for some time we have been grateful to live in [...]


Sydney Harbour Hosts Breakfast on the Bridge I am not an early riser and I don’t usually eat breakfast. But lots of people do both and yesterday 6000 of them did, on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. I keep saying there is always something to do here at the weekends and it’s always something different. Yesterday, for [...]


It’s been a big week here in Queensland, and it’s going to continue to get bigger. There is so much going on; I don’t know where to start. Here is as good a place as any……… State of Origin State of origin is a term used in sports and the best way I can explain [...]


I promised you a more exciting post today, following the intensely boring “Mowing the Lawn” epic. So here it is. We’re off on holiday! Not just me and my family. All of us. You’re coming too. Unless, of course, you don’t want to. But if you don’t, you’ll miss out on some fantastic scenery. I [...]