Move To Australia

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Could this be your New Year’s resolution for 2019? In January 2006 my wife and I decided that we wanted to move to Australia, so that was our New Year’s resolution back then. By 14 November 2007 we had landed in Brisbane with our daughter, who was just three and a half years old at [...]


Easy……Move to Australia. If that sounds overly simplistic or as though it’s some kind of joke, for me, it isn’t. Moving to Australia really did completely change my life. And in December’s issue of Australia and New Zealand Magazine, that’s what I wrote about. If you didn’t buy your issue, you’ve almost certainly missed out [...]

Australia magazine

Australia & New Zealand Magazine Pt 2. You will, no doubt, recall me announcing with some pride my appearance in the UK magazine Australia & New Zealand as a columnist in their series called Expat Diary. If you haven’t yet read my first ever article to appear on the shelves in a national UK Magazine [...]

My Family

And will you make new friends when you get there? I have spoken about this before on a few occasions and it is still one of the big worries for most people considering emigrating to Australia. Will I ever see my family and friends again? Will I make new friends when I get there? You [...]


What crosses your mind when you think about the Hague Convention? Is it… a) the sequel to the Geneva Convention? b) a collection of men in grey suits meeting to talk about legal stuff in a place called The Hague? c) an international law you should seriously consider before moving to Australia with your children? [...]

Live Seminar

Last week I spoke about the two most common questions I am asked here on BobinOz about moving to Australia. I hope you found that article helpful but if you have more questions, if you are really serious about moving to Australia, you may want to consider going to a seminar. Want a new life [...]

Regular readers will probably know that on a Mondays I normally write about what I have been up to over the weekend. You may have noticed that on Monday of this week, that didn’t happen. Instead I talked about the Australian climate. Why is this? Because last weekend I spent almost all of it with [...]

Our House

The story of how we moved to Australia has almost come to an end. If you don’t live in Australia but you want to, then your story has not yet begun. If you want it to begin, it has to start with an idea. Everything in this universe started with an idea, including the universe. [...]