Mount Tamborine

Mt Tamborine

Mount Tamborine is known as the ‘Green behind the Gold’ because it’s very green and is just behind the Gold Coast, which is very gold. Sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s one of the wonders of Australia that so many of our golden beaches on our almost never ending coastline have stunning and lush [...]


Well, we may have cycled all the major Australian cities over the last few weeks, but we’re not done with our bikes just yet. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the coast. I’ve got three videos for you today, and they are not short, so I will be. Let’s head straight on over [...]


For any of you who have read every single page on my website plus ALL of the comments (congratulations!) you will have come across some comments made by Pravdaseeker. Prav, if I may call him that, arrived in this country December of last year having moved from the USA. He also bought his dogs with [...]


The Enchanted Forest. There are probably hundreds of pictures scattered around this blog of beautiful beaches, sun, sand, people surfing and swimming and just having loads of fun. But Australia is more than one great big wraparound beach. For example, something like 35 km inland from Surfers Paradise, one of Australia’s most famous beaches, is [...]

the sea

…..Nearly Yesterday we celebrated two years since we left England. Tomorrow we will celebrate two years of living in Australia. Today, we are on our way to the destination of our second celebration. We decided it would be nice to mark the anniversary by doing something special. But we thought it would be a little [...]


The last time I went camping was at Glastonbury Festival in 1992. But now, 17 years later, I’m chucking a tent in the boot of the car again and I’m off into the wilds to live side by side with nature’s wildest beasts. Err, just like I did at Glastonbury. But this time I’ve got [...]


Yamba Named Top Town in Australia Today, Yamba, according to a survey conducted by Australian Traveller magazine, was named the top town in Australia. If some of you may recall, Yamba was the first stop when we went on our great Australian road trip back in January. I made a couple of posts about it. [...]


Australian’s aren’t “big” on pubs, which is a bit surprising. They love their beer. It’s standard practise to buy beer by the carton, 24 cans at a time. None of this woosy four pack stuff., who had the most up to date information I could find, (September 23, 2008), say the Australians are the [...]