Mothers day

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If you have read my first ever post about Mother’s Day in Australia, you will know that we celebrate it the second Sunday in May along with over 70 other countries around the world. The UK isn’t one of them, they have Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday in lent, usually in March sometime, along [...]

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Yesterday, Sunday, May 9, was Mother’s Day here in Australia. Apparently, a typical mums day treat is to take her to the park and cook for her on one of the many available free barbecue facilities. There is no shortage of these parks in Australia, well certainly not around Brisbane where I live. But whilst [...]

mothers day

On Sunday, here in Australia, it was Mother’s Day. Now I know it’s not Mother’s Day in the UK, so I wondered, have Australia got it wrong? Australia celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May each year along with over 70 other countries including the United States, China, India and Brazil. The UK [...]