Moreton Island

They say time flies by when you’re having fun, and it’s true. Every year that we’ve been living in Australia, and by that I mean a full calendar year, I have made a video about it. Would you believe it? We are already up to year five. 2012 was the 5th full year that we’ve [...]


Not so long ago I wrote an article for Australia and New Zealand magazine about Island Hopping. On Friday, I posted a YouTube video about one such island that I hopped to, namely Fraser Island. Well, over the weekend I did a little more island hopping. So, from Fraser on Friday, where have I hopped [...]


As you probably know, each month I write an article for Australia and New Zealand magazine, available at a newsagent near you for just £3.99. That is, of course, as long as ‘you’ live in the UK. But many of you don’t, and maybe some of those of you who do, don’t actually buy the [...]


Australia is a desirable country in which to live, and for many people the dream is to come to live here. But Australia isn’t an idyllic paradise. Like many countries, our politicians are hopeless. At times I think they just might just be some of the worst politicians in the world. Sometimes we have really [...]

To round up what now can probably be regarded as Moreton Island week, I’ve made a video about my close (and sometimes not so close) encounters with the wildlife on Moreton Island. Now, I know some of you don’t watch the videos, fair enough. Sometimes we’re just too busy, sometimes we don’t have the time. [...]


In Monday’s post I presented you with a few pictures from Moreton Island, and said that today I would tell you whether or not we had a good time. Er, yes! The weather was pure scorchio, I don’t think any of us saw a thermometer all weekend, but we all suspected it was at least [...]


Those of you who read Friday’s post with the long title that included the words An Island in the Pacific, will know that I made a certain number of predictions. I am happy to announce that almost all of those predictions were spot-on, except the final one which suggested our ferry “would depart at 8:30 [...]

Last Monday I wrote a post about the crime rate in Australia, comparing it with the UK’s. What I prefer to write about on Mondays, are all the exciting things I did over the weekend. The problem with last weekend was that I had done nothing exciting whatsoever. As I said in the article, “No [...]