So far in our ‘cycle to’ series we have been Cycling in Adelaide, we’ve ridden through Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra and we have also peddled in Perth, both in the city and along the Fremantle Track. This week we are… Cycling in Melbourne Melbourne has a bike share scheme, it’s called, yes, you’ve guessed [...]


Update: This post originally had a very long video about multiculturalism in Melbourne, unfortunately that video is no longer available on YouTube. For those of you interested in Australia’s multiculturalism, here are some related posts: Australia – A Nation of Immigrants Is Australia Racist? Racism in Australia… Immigration, Emigration and Migration: Australia and UK Compared [...]


It was more than four years ago when I had my first and only battle with an Australian bull ant and it didn’t end up as you would have expected. I thought I had done everything right; I’d armed myself with a quite thick instruction manual, I’d taken a pretty accurate swipe, I’d knocked the [...]

Phillip Island

One of Melbourne’s main attractions is Phillip Island. Phillip Island is about 90 minutes drive from the city and in my head I imagined it would be something like Brisbane’s Stradbroke Island. You know Straddie… It’s North Stradbroke Island Week Here on BobinOz North Stradbroke Island: Day Two Why I Never Took to Train Spotting [...]


As you know, last week Mrs Bob, myself and Elizabeth took off to Melbourne for a weeks holiday. We left our house at 12 noon, driving by car to the airport. Our one hour 50 minute flights cost around $700 for the three of us return. After losing an hour due to the time difference [...]


This is another one of my “I’m not here” posts. By that I mean I’m not in Brisbane, I’m still here though, as in on the planet and still in Australia. I’m just not at home; this post has gone live by the magic of scheduling whilst we enjoy our second one-week summer holiday. Me, [...]

Great Ocean Road

It’s time to return to my series about Australia’s most liveable cities after the interruption of Darwin week which became Darwin fortnight. Darwin came stone last in this 11 city poll, but I allowed it to push in when I wrote about the it in my post called Australia’s Least Most Liveable City a couple [...]


Time for another reprint of one of my articles from Australia and New Zealand magazine, this one from their February edition. It was an enormous coincidence, of course, that the heading on the magazine cover for that month was “Stunning Sydney“, because my article was about nipping into the city. Which city? I’ll give you [...]