There was an article recently in our local free newspaper with the title ‘Plea to steer clear of roadside pademelons‘. For some people this headline probably raises a couple of questions; like ‘What is a pademelon?‘ or even ‘How do you pronounce pademelon?‘ Let’s cover the second question first… There, that was easy, but [...]

When it comes to Australia’s sea life, I would say its sharks, dolphins and migrating whales that get all of the big publicity. But we have another marine dwelling mammal that you certainly don’t get in the UK. We are not the only country that has them off our shores, but the northern seas of [...]


After yesterdays first post about snakes, I thought I would follow up with a post that reminds you again of the diversity of Australian wildlife and the beauty it can offer. “Daddy, what’s a monotreme?” It’s always a little embarrassing when one of your children asks you a question which you cannot answer. I doubt [...]