We have a lot of birds in Australia, over 370 different species live in and around Brisbane alone, who knows how many different kinds we have across the whole country. Some though are, shall we say, a sandwich short of a picnic. Or, as we are talking about our feathered friends, a bit ‘one flew [...]


Do humans look like they can fly? Do people on bikes look as though they are just about to turn a vertical, and cycle up the side of the tree? Do kids walking home from school, satchels over their backs, look as though they are about to climb trees for fun? No! So what’s with [...]


Following the snakes awaking post on Monday, you’d think the best thing to do would be to keep your eyes on the ground checking for danger. Well, it’s not as simple as that! Because at the same time as those snakes are surfacing from their winter slumber, nests are being built in trees. Nests for [...]