Living In Brisbane


The other week there was an article in the Courier Mail with the headline “you’re not from Brisbane until…” and that was followed by 25 things that the average Brisbanian would be likely to do. Well, of course, I’m not “from” Brisbane, but I have lived here for almost 6 years now, how Brisbanian am [...]


As I mentioned on Monday in my post about Crime Rates, we love a good survey here on BobinOz. But what makes us laugh like a drain is a really bad survey. A Really Bad Survey Australian cities amongst most expensive in the world are the kind of shock horror headlines that greeted any of [...]

bikini babes

On Saturday we headed down to the Gold Coast for a party. It was our friend’s birthday so, of course, we had to celebrate. Very nice too. We stayed over, and Sunday morning we thought it would be rude to leave the Gold Coast without having breakfast in a seaside cafe. So we had breakfast [...]


Who pays the ferryman? Nobody. But I’ll come to that in a minute. But before we get to that…… I’m still getting quite a few e-mails asking how I’m doing and if things are back to normal yet? So I thought today, with it being just over a month since the floods, I’d give you [...]