Living In Australia


Your quick guide to Australian wines. Personally, I don’t drink wine. I haven’t mastered the art of sipping, my mouth only seems capable of the gulp. So quite rightly, I stick to beer. On the other hand, Mrs BobinOz does enjoy a glass of wine as previously mentioned. So this article relies heavily on the [...]


Beer Prices in Australia. Whilst the production team (me) here at BobinOz do not condone excessive alcohol consumption we do appreciate that some people might enjoy an occasional glass of wine or the odd beer. The occasions Mrs BobinOz enjoys wine include nightfall and my idea of an odd beer would be 11 cans of [...]


Anybody living or who has lived in the UK and is somewhere approaching as old as I am, will remember the days when British Telecom could charge people whatever they wanted, treat them however they felt like treating them and banked almost 300 gazillion million pounds in clear profit every single second. Then, 25 years [...]


I had a brilliant idea for a post. Well, I didn’t, one of my readers did. I had an email from somebody who wondered how much tax they might be stopped here in Australia. We thought some of you might like to know too. The above table is for residents only, but of course residency [...]


Enough of this already. I absolutely love it living here in Australia, but just lately I must have come across like some kind of whingeing Pom. I’ve talked about dust clouds, snakes, killer sea creatures and expensive new and second-hand cars. So it’s about time we had some fun! Time to remind ourselves what living [...]

Dragon Head

A Review of the New Narnia Film by BobinOz: Spoiler Alert! The first movie I ever saw at the pictures after moving to Australia was “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. My wife was a Narnia nut as a child and she dragged me along to the cinema with her. [...]

wellington point

What did you do on Sunday? Here’s what we did: Lunch at a winery. The kids played in the rolling fields. We visited the film set of an up and coming blockbuster. We then had drinks in a bar by the sea. Then we went to Wellington Point. We paddled. We looked for seashells. We [...]


I have said before that what I love about living in Australia is that there always seems to be something to do and it’s always something different. Previously on BobinOz we have given you the opportunity to go on the last ever chair lift at the Ekka Festival, we have also taken you to the [...]