Living In Australia


I have written quite a few posts about schools and education in Australia here on Like these….. State Education in Australia: Year 2 Homework – June 2011 Australian Education: A Half Term Report – March 2010 Australian Schools: Helping You To Choose – January 2010 Australian Schools: Looking Back on Prep Year – December [...]


Every weekend for the people living in Australia the routine is almost always the same. We arise to be greeted by a rapidly heating golden sun nesting in a clear blue sky. We gleefully pack picnics, Esky’s full of cold beers and bottles of wine, camping chairs, sunglasses and hats. We bundle our children into [...]


On Monday I wrote about Things To Do During the Long Summer Holidays. That article was about a long weekend away, but what do Australians do when they want the biggie, the two week (or more) summer holiday. Well, I’ve written about those sort of Australian holidays before as well, but this is the article [...]

not flooded

Three years ago on January the 1st, for some very crazy reason, I started this blog. The starting the blog bit possibly isn’t the crazy idea, but the date is. It means that I now spend every blog birthday nursing a hangover. My many thanks to Mark and Louise, the hosts, and everyone else who [...]


A couple of years ago I did a cost comparison post between England and Australia on the price of toys. At that time, from the selected toys I looked at, Australia ended up being 11% more expensive than in the UK. You can read that post by clicking the following link: The Cost of Living [...]

Gansters Ball

I’ve been waiting to write this post for a good couple of years now. It’s not a post I’ve not been looking forward to writing, but it is a post that I knew I would write one day. That day is today. So how is it that I had the idea for this post so [...]


A couple of weeks ago I did an update on the cost of living in Australia when I went grocery shopping again. I pretty much bought all of the same things I had purchased two years ago and was shocked to find that here in Australia, prices had barely changed during that time. So what’s [...]


Just over two years ago I did what I referred to as “a meaningless grocery price comparison chart” comparing Australian food prices with those in the UK. If you want to know why I thought it was meaningless, read my original post called, rather imaginatively, The Cost of Living in Australia: Groceries. As you can [...]