Liveable City


I’m very excited to announce the results of a brand-new report that looks at countries all around the world and decides which is the most liveable. They look at things like stability (25%); quality of health care (20%); culture and the environment (25%); education (10%) and infrastructure (20%) all broken down into 30 different bite-sized benchmarks. [...]


And so to the bottom three of the 11 most liveable cities in Australia survey. I have to say I’m a little surprised to see Perth in such a lowly position, although I couldn’t tell you why, I’ve not yet visited the western side of Australia. I will, and soon, but until then I will [...]


I suppose you could say we are now entering the “relegation places” in my series about Australia’s most liveable cities. Only 11 cities were included in this survey and today’s city came eighth, so it’s certainly at the lower end. It’s known by some as the gateway to the south; I’m not sure I agree [...]


This is easily the best and most liveable city in all of Australia, but for some inexplicable reason it only came sixth in a recent poll covering 11 Australian cities. Okay, maybe I’m biased, but I do love it here. What do I love? Brisbane, Queensland If I were answering the survey, how would I [...]

Great Ocean Road

It’s time to return to my series about Australia’s most liveable cities after the interruption of Darwin week which became Darwin fortnight. Darwin came stone last in this 11 city poll, but I allowed it to push in when I wrote about the it in my post called Australia’s Least Most Liveable City a couple [...]


Well, it’s not fair to say that Darwin IS Australia’s least most liveable city, but of the 11 cities that were included in this poll, it did come 11th. Anyway, as it came 11th, why are we looking at Darwin today? We did Newcastle last time, they came fourth, so surely we should now be [...]


I think we know the drill by now, each Friday I am showcasing an Australian city based on the most recent poll by the Property Council of Australia looking at Australia’s best liveable cities. Newcastle, as the title suggests, came fourth; a good showing for the city, this was the first year it has been [...]


Continuing on with my short series of Friday videos about Australia’s most liveable cities, this week it is the turn of Hobart. Hobart, of course, is in Tasmania, an island about the size of, er, Ireland. Well, Ireland is about 25% bigger, but that’s near enough. Hobart is the island’s capital city, and Errol Flynn [...]