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Teneriffe Street Festival

What would happen if you had a street festival where you live in the middle of winter? What would it look like? This is what a street festival in the middle of winter here in Brisbane looks like. Teneriffe Festival 2015 As you may have noticed, this Teneriffe has two f’s so it’s not to [...]


“The Brisbane Cricket Ground, commonly known as The Gabba, is a major sports stadium in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. It is named after the suburb of Woolloongabba, in which it is located.” Source: Wikipedia Moving over to Wikimedia, I can show you a really cool picture of what The Gabba looks like from the [...]

Eat street

Those of you who have read every page of my website and committed it all to memory will surely remember Containerval Festival: Art, Crafts and Containers in Brisbane. Elizabeth and I had a great time wheeling Mrs Bob around in a wheelchair; she had a broken leg at the time. We returned to the same [...]


Statistics will tell you that Brisbane doesn’t usually get much rain in August. According to historical data for 2000 to 2013, around 38 mm of rainfall is average for the month. On Saturday alone we had over 22 mm which was a shame because it was the weekend of one of Brisbane’s most popular shindigs. [...]


A market is a market is a market, isn’t it? Yes, I suspect it is and I would also think that pretty much every major town and city in every country would have a market. But we went to a market here in Brisbane on Sunday that I would have said was slightly different. It [...]


As you know, Mrs BobinOz and my daughter Elizabeth are currently on holiday and I chose not to go with them, because I really did not want to return to England. I’ve missed them these past two weeks, of course I have, and I’m really looking forward to when they get back on Wednesday. This [...]

Mark E Smith

As part of my How to Move to Australia series, I included a post about those final days before boarding your flight on a one-way ticket to Oz. Nostalgia kind of kicks in, and you find yourself saying goodbye to some places in addition to the obvious farewells to your friends and family. I found [...]


After last weekend’s back breaking gardening, this week it was time to have a little bit of fun. Elizabeth, as a member of the Tiny Turfer’s Club, had received her third letter from Eagle Farm Racecourse explaining they were having another Family Fun Day. They also explained that Elizabeth was no longer a Tiny Turfer, [...]