The Australian Federal Election It’s at times like these that it’s very easy to understand the phrase “between a rock and a hard place”. Tomorrow all Australians old enough to vote will find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Because tomorrow, Australia has to decide who will govern this country for the next [...]


It’s the final day of politics week here on Bobinoz and what a corker it is going to be as well. I’d like to thank members of the Australian Labor Party for their fantastic contribution to today’s finale, without their efforts this post may have been a little boring. But, as I said earlier in [...]

Labour Day

Today, in Queensland, it is Labour Day, as in May Day 2012….. … and therefore a bank holiday Monday. So we have all got the day off; today is a day to chill. But I can’t! Something is bugging me! It’s been bugging me for six days now, ever since I wrote my post Australia’s [...]