Last week I mentioned a poisonous plant in my garden that could kill. Let’s take a look at that plant again… And now let’s see what that plant looks like today… Make a cup of tea out of that if you can! Yes, I’ve removed the tree, writing last week’s post actually scared me. Obviously [...]


I may have mentioned the festive season in my post on Friday about Christmas Adverts on TV, but I’m certainly not feeling very Christmassy yet. For that reason I’m going to be talking about killer creatures in the UK. Recently in “The Sun”, one of Britain’s most popular tabloid newspapers, there was an article about [...]


It’s time to wrap up Darwin week which has turned into Darwin fortnight. We really loved our 10 day holiday there and apart from when we went crocodile hunting… …we didn’t see any creatures, critters or killers from the animal kingdom whatsoever that could really be regarded as dangerous. So, Darwin then, not as scary [...]

cone snail

My series on Australians bad things has proved to be hugely popular. I get more traffic searching for the bad stuff than I do from people searching for say, golden beaches, open spaces or wonderful weather. I wonder if that is because many people want to come and live in Australia, but some are a [...]