For many countries I would imagine the biggest dangers driving on the roads would be fog, rain, or maybe even snow. Not here, not in Australia. I was reminded of this as we drove along the Pacific Highway towards Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago. My satnav gave me a warning that, unless you [...]


On Wednesday I tried to talk everyone into Liking the Huntsman Spider. I do appreciate though, that not everyone will be able to do that; one particular group of people would certainly struggle. Arachnophobes It’s worth remembering though that spiders are everywhere, in every country. Unless you move to the Arctic, you are likely to [...]


On Wednesday we had a look at Brisbane’s so-called ‘cold snap’ in my post called It’s My Traditional Winter versus Summer Weather Battle. As you will have seen, it wasn’t really that cold at all in my home city, but elsewhere around Australia it has been cold. Jolly cold. Snow in Australia Three years ago [...]


I can’t believe that I’ve been running this blog for nearly 2 1/2 years and I haven’t answered the most important question about life in Australia. What is the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo? First, here are some pictures of cute kangaroos…. I hope you have been studying those pictures properly, I’ll be [...]


One of the things we really love about camping here in Australia is that you can simply throw all your camping gear into the boot of the car and go off for the weekend to somewhere new, somewhere different, and it often turns out to be somewhere really spectacular. And you can do this with [...]


Australia hasn’t been a barrel of laughs lately. There have been bush fires in Western Australia, a tornado in north Queensland, severe flooding in southwest Queensland with around 500 homes (and rising) affected and, of course, that almost but not tsunami. So I thought I’d end the week WITH a barrel of laughs, courtesy of [...]


….”It IS who you think, but instead driven by……..” The more observant of you would have noticed something strange about Santa’s reindeer in yesterday’s post about Christmas house lights. For those of you who aren’t so observant, let me help you out. As you can no doubt see, the reindeer appear to be in the [...]


Starting Tomorrow – Moving to Australia "How did I get here?" - David Byrne 1980 How do you emigrate to Australia? What is it really like to go through the whole process? Some of you visiting this blog will know what you need to do and some of you may have no clue at all. [...]