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This is the third in my (yes, you’ve guessed it) four-part series about how the United Kingdom countries are represented here in Australia. I did rather cryptically explain the countries that do form the UK last week in my post about the Scottish in Australia and the first in the series was about the Irish [...]


It’s the final day of politics week here on Bobinoz and what a corker it is going to be as well. I’d like to thank members of the Australian Labor Party for their fantastic contribution to today’s finale, without their efforts this post may have been a little boring. But, as I said earlier in [...]


Whilst campaigning for the 2010 Federal election, Julia Gillard said “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. She won the election. Yesterday, under the government led by Julia Gillard, carbon tax legislation was ratified. So today I want to talk about…….. Cockroaches. Of all the critters in all the world, there [...]

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But not quite yet. Back in England, although I am not overly political, I at least knew who I liked and who I disliked politically, as well as which party I wanted to win come general election time. Here in Australia, I’m not so sure. In three weeks and three days from now, on August [...]

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I hope you have all read my Definitive Guide to Australian Politics post. It covers everything you need to know about how we run things here down under. But even though I am clearly an authority on the subject, I wasn’t prepared for what happened yesterday. First, let’s go back in time and switch continents [...]