Australia and New Zealand magazine

It would have been July of this year when I wrote the following article for Australia and New Zealand magazine. The article then appeared in their October edition. Today I’m reprinting the article here and it is now December, the end of the year. If ever any of my magazine articles summed up a whole [...]


For most people choosing whether to move to Australia largely depends on the likelihood of them getting a job when they arrive. Probably the biggest question anyone moving here needs to ask themselves is this… “Should I move to Australia first and then look for a job, or should I secure a job before I [...]


About two years ago I wrote a post about job availability here and in the UK. You can read it if you want, it’s called Finding a Job in Australia Compared with the UK. But for those of you who’d rather not go back and read an old post, here’s the gist of it. I [...]