Blue tongue

Well, maybe. It’s been quite a while since I reported on any intruders in or around my house, must be something to do with winter. But spring is here now and much of the wildlife is waking up, as you saw from the recent snake pictures taken in a back garden from the suburb next [...]

what is it?

I mentioned earlier in the week about my acclimatisation to Australia in terms of getting used to the creepy crawlies. I said that I felt we had reached stage four in the process simply by going camping. “Camping in Australia? Are you nuts! There’ll be snakes and spiders and bugs everywhere, what are you, some [...]


I expected to see quite a varied range of wildlife cross my path now that we live here in Australia. But my next two intruders were probably the strangest and most unexpected guests I have seen. I was working in my study a short while ago as a thunderstorm was gathering outside. As the rumbles [...]


On Sunday we decided to have a family day out.  So my wife and I and my son and daughter headed for Wet and Wild, a water park on the Gold Coast.  It’s very rare that all four of us go out together on account of the fact that my son, aged 22, stayed in [...]