Update: A Warning Do not try this at home! I have had several people contact me, including born and bred Aussies and one or two snake experts, and on reflection what I do in this video is really stupid. Many snakes in Australia are extremely dangerous and can kill, and snake identification isn’t straightforward, even [...]

mole cricket

Following the visit of Prince William, now would be a good time for that debate. Remember, I promised you a post about whether Australia should remain a monarchy or become a republic? Yes, well that is going to have to wait. Something more important has turned up and it is my duty to inform you [...]


It’s been quite a while since I have had a new kind of intruder come into my house. I have had new intruders on my land recently, I think the last one was the beautiful green tree frog. But nothing actually in the house for some time. Until yesterday. First, a little background. Having had [...]


Last week when I told you the bad news about spiders I said that next week, which is this week, I would be telling you the good news about spiders. And I will. Next week. Why the delay? The reason for this switch is because on Monday evening I saw the biggest ant I’ve ever [...]


I don’t think there is any doubt that this next intruder is the one intruder that really turns my wife’s stomach. She can’t stand them! A lot of people can’t stand them. We’ve not had too many actually in the home, my best guess would be about six to eight in the 18 months we’ve [...]

Remember this? With extraordinary timing, a reader has posted a comment on a previous post. Why is the timing significant? First we need to go back in time about five or six months …….. I am sitting in my living area, or lounge as I used to call it, it is a late at [...]