Internet connection


By now I had hoped to be able to publish my first ever live post from Thailand. It was going to be my BobinThailand Special. The fact that you are seeing this post (one that I prepared earlier) instead, means that for some reason or other, it hasn’t been possible for me. This can only [...]


The Main Story on Seven News Welcome to my first ever blog post on a Saturday. Yes, it is Saturday, but only just. It’s 1 AM Saturday morning here and I do usually like to post a little earlier than this. Like on Friday! I am late for a reason, you will find out why [...]

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed that there was no blog post on Wednesday. Now, I haven’t missed a blog post since I very first started this blog and naïvely believed that I would easily get an Internet connection on the move during our road trip. So why did I miss [...]


Telstra: Keeping you connected. I am having some work done around my house, which involves building a new wall. The man with the digger turned up at 7:30 AM the other week, and by 7:35 AM he had already severed my telephone and Internet connection cable. By 7:45 AM, he was gone. “Sorry! Can’t do [...]