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We interrupt this road trip for another reprint of an Australian and New Zealand magazine article. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. Firstly, we are due another reprint, I like to do them every four weeks. And this article is a follow-up to the last one from June 1 which was called Going to the [...]


When I first arrived in Australia back in November 2007 and bought my first car, I had to pay, like anyone else, for rego, or car registration. This is the thing that we Brits would call car tax, but Australian rego was slightly different. I thought it was quite “quaint”, as in attractively unusual rather [...]


I think I may have mentioned it elsewhere on this blog, but when some friends of my wife’s came to stay with us last year they commented that living where we live was “as close to paradise as you can get”. Yes, we think so too. But even in Paradise you need to put the [...]