It’s a question that isn’t easy for me to answer, being as I have a colour of skin that could easily pass for Australian. It’s only when I open my mouth and my thick Essex accent comes to the fore that anyone would discover that I’m actually English, or, as we are sometimes called here, [...]

Anna Bligh

Yes, live here on BobinOz! Well, it was when I saw them…. Saturday was a very special day for our good friends Mark and Louise and their family. Mrs BobinOz and I were honoured to be in attendance. The venue was the Suncorp Piazza at South Bank Parklands; you’ll remember I saw Tropfest there a [...]

Dirty Harry

Concluding My Trilogy of Rubbish During my refurbishments stage I created several piles of rubbish. Ranging from pink curtains to metal curtain rails. Shower enclosures and broken mirrors. Fluorescent light fittings and discarding doors. Smashed up tiles and ripped out bathroom equipment. I was building up quite a pile. You already know how difficult it [...]


Those are not my words, I saw them on a TV advert. I can’t even remember what the programme or product was, but I knew how true those words were as soon as I saw them. After all, I’m one! I have no wish to get into the history of Australia here, there are plenty [...]